Here is a selection of videos that we have been given or we have taken ourselves in/around the station.

Early 1960s recording of an S & T Gang working at Trimley Station

We have now had a voiceover recorded by Ray Wade who himself, appears in the video.

Points to note:

  • Trimley Station Name Board
  • Topiary Arm Chair
  • Mobile Forge on Platform
  • Southern (Ipswich) Platform Building
  • Home Signal near Level Crossing
  • Bedford Lorry in Maroon & Cream
  • Ipswich Town Football Club Champions Celebrations
  • Felixstowe Town Signal Box
  • Camping Coaches (Pullmans) at Felixstowe Town
  • Wagons in Station Yard
  • Tea Break in Mess Van

Internal Viewing of the Station - 15 February 2013

Below is a video taken during the first visit inside of the station building.  Apologies for the quality of the video, as the building is boarded up, the inside is in darkness.